Women's Wellness Blog January 24, 2020

“I’m tired, not sleeping well, I’ve never had an issue with libido, but now I do”

You’ve been burnt out for quite some time now, constantly on the go – taking care of what seems like everything and everyone but yourself.

All you can dream about is a peaceful night in, and getting to bed early.

There could be a few reasons why your libido has dipped, as have your energy and sleep quality. Take the rest when needed, but also get your hormones checked. There are a few key hormones we want to be assessing for in this case, making sure they are not the culprit.

Testosterone. Yes, females need this too. We tend to see libido and sexual desire diminish with inadequate testosterone levels. Women before reproductive age, and past reproductive age, can both experience the effects of low testosterone. Not only low libido, but a steep dip energy, difficulty losing weight and gaining muscle mass, are common symptoms I hear.

Cortisol. Are you also chronically stressed about work? home life? relationships? or just your health being suboptimal? There can be many reasons why we experience stress. The big takeaway, is that we don’t want to be experiencing the effects of stress long-term, as this is when we run int issues. Bringing us to our next hormone;

DHEA. This hormone is responsible for creating other hormones – like testosterone, estrogen, progesterone. So when it is low, other hormones will be low – including testosterone. When DHEA is low, so is libido.

Melatonin. If we’re not sleeping properly, cortisol is likely to be off – affecting both sleep, energy and libido in-directly.

Life is too short to be constantly tired, and uninterested in sex.

Ask me about how to test for these – Book your appointment here💕

Yours in health,

Dr. Alison Gottschalk, ND

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