Women's Wellness Blog February 10, 2018

My Skin Care Routine

When it comes to beauty and skincare, many people have their own routines that work for them.  Listed below are some of the simple things that work well for me;

1.  Coconut Oil.  I use this to remove make-up, as well as a moisturizer before bed.  This plant-based saturated fat as an excellent anti-microbial, as it contains lauric acid, thus can be beneficial with acne-prone skin.  Another reason I like using Coconut oil, or even other types of oils like grape-seed or olive oil, is because it means I am using less chemical creams, reducing my chemical exposure (if only slightly).

2.  Dry skin brushing.  I usually do this a few times in a week, for the reason of acting as a gentle body exfoliant.  Ideally brushing towards your heart, to also encourage blood and lymph circulation.  So if you’re dry brushing your legs, start from your feet and brush upward to your knees.

3.  Face exfoliant.  I like to use a physical exfoliant for my face, and by that I mean a soft-bristle brush or exfoliant gloves, as oppose to a cream.  I usually follow this with the coconut oil.

4.  Sauna Session or Hot Yoga.  Or any other form of sweating, for the purpose of detoxification.

5.  2L water baseline.  Two litres daily is what seems to work for me, adding more with work-outs or sauna sessions.  If I don’t reach that benchmark over a period of a few days, I generally notice my skin isn’t quite as clear.

6.  Diet & optimal digestion.  If you’re not eating well and your digestion is poor, you’re less likely to see the glowing, fresh skin results you may be looking for, regardless of the different topical therapies being implemented.  Healthy skin really does start from within.  When in doubt, a plant-based, healthy fat, adequate protein intake diet is preferred.

What are your favourite skin care routines?

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