Women's Wellness Blog November 14, 2018

Morning Routine – setting the stage for the rest of the day.

Actively making the choice to wake up on the ‘right side of the bed’ is possible, and actually essential for a successful day. 

Here are some of my favourite ways to do so.

  • Making my bed, as soon as I get out.  This includes cleaning up my immediate space, if needed.  Starting the day off with an accomplishment, however little, can mentally set us up for a day full of accomplishments.  Plus, a tidy space does positively support our mental state.
  • Gratitude journal.  Many top spiritual leaders of our time rave over pen-ing our gratitudes to paper.  Click here for my take on the 5-Minute Journal, adapted from https://www.intelligentchange.com.  When we trying something new for 21 days, its more likely to become a habit.  Make note of how you feel following this activity.
  • Water with lemon.  My go-to is a pint-size glass of warm water with 1/2 a squeezed lemon, prior to breakfast.  If I feel the need to change it up, I do a lemon chia water – click here for it.
  • Quality food.   Your body should be treated as a luxury, import car – both require quality food and fuel, respectively, to perform.  Here are some of my simple favourites:
        • Smoothies, like a simple green smoothie, or a matcha green tea smoothie. If I’m feeling something more decadent, I go for the chocolate avocado pudding, usually opting for the added spinach if I’m having in the morning.
        • Classics like bacon, eggs, and avocado, usually on weekends.
        • Leftover dinner.  Although it is changing, there is still this idea held by some that breakfasts should be desert-like, with sugary pancakes, refined cereals, bagels, loads of syrups.  A quality breakfast can actually be your leftover dinner, assuming it was a relatively healthy one.
        • Need caffeine?  I have my spin on the ‘bulletproof’ coffee available here, or the matcha smoothie does the trick.
  • Spreading kindness.  For anyone who knows me, knows how much I respect those that are kind to others.  Here are a few things we can all do, not necessarily just in the morning, but throughout the day:
        • If you wake up next to someone, have someone special in your life, or have some great close friends, share some kind words – tell them how much they mean to you.
        • Call your parents more often, if you’re able to.
        • Connect with someone.  Everyone wants to be loved, and feel appreciated.  Unfortunately not everybody has the opportunity to connect as often as we might, which is often common among the elderly population.  Share asmile, connect over small talk (understanding that it is easier to make small talk in a small-town, contrasted to the city).
        • Volunteer.  Not just for them, but for you too.  Especially if your someone who has been fortunate to have so much -what a privilege it is being able to help the next.

Cheers – my coffee cup to yours – to a great morning.

Yours in health,

Dr. Alison Gottschalk, ND

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