The Natural Weight Loss Program

This 6-week weight loss program focuses on a whole-foods diet, combined with intermittent fasting. It is individualized based on recent blood work, and hormonal testing if indicated.


Let’s get our hormones working for us, to establish natural weight loss.




Initial Naturopathic Consultation

Review of medical history, physical assessment, and standard blood work, if over 6 months.  One-on-one counselling, with adjustments to supplements/vitamins to maximize your success.


5 Weekly Progress Assessments

Review blood report findings, progress physical assessment, and symptom check-in; individualizations to program if necessary.  Each week is a new topic for discussion.


Program Resources

Step-by-step booklet guide for the next 6 weeks.

6-week meal plan.  Choose from an assortment of approved recipes, and local restaurant menu options.

Grocery store guide 101

Optional: Connect with others through a members-only Facebook group, with daily clarifications to questions by Dr. Gottschalk.

Program Fees:

Initial Consultation – $140

Progress assessments – $45


Naturopathic medicine is covered through most health insurance plans.

Hormonal and blood work assessment


Standard blood work done, if it has been over 6 months with your family doctor.  Depending on your current state of health, we may run additional blood work, or explore hormonal causes for weight gain, such as thyroid, adrenal (cortisol), or male and female hormones.

Supplementation for hormonal support, to ensure efficient weight loss


Supplements are added to reach our target goal.  They allow us to reach a more therapeutic dosage, that would be difficult through diet alone.  Together we will determine which forms of supplementation are best suited for you, based on blood work any hormonal assessment.

Top whole foods for optimal weight loss


Using a whole food approach, along with intermittent fasting schedules.  Choose from an assortment of approved easy-to-make, simple weight loss recipes.  Are you eating out?  We’ve included menu options for common local restaurants in both the Markham Ontario, and Waterdown Ontario areas.

Weekly Progress Assessments


Progress assessments include a weigh-in, with measurements.  Any modifications to individualized plan will be made during these assessments, to ensure you’re getting the most out of the program.

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